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  • A 3 x 60 min documentary series.

    Mafias & Banks

    How, from the 1920s to the present day, financial capitalism has gradually strengthened its secret alliance with mafia organisations. A relentless investigation on three continents, part economic thriller, part historical saga.

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Rural France: the challenge of water for all

Everywhere in France, there is a crying shortage of water, and farming is the first to be affected. Conflicts over water use are multiplying, pitting different models against each other and deeply dividing rural communities as a whole. After the time of violence, the time for dialogue? - A film directed by Christophe Nick and Mischa Nick

Free to surf, a Polynesian revolution

How surfing, an ancestral Polynesian tradition that was opposed by Westerners, has survived the centuries to become an internationally practised activity. Scheduled for release in 2024 - Directed by Benjamin Morel

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  • Triads, the Chinese Mafia Conquering the World

    In three parts, a fascinating investigation into the heart of the Chinese triads, today's hidden allies of power. Founded in the 17th century, their influence on the world's geopolitics and economy has grown steadily over the years. Drug trafficking, cybercrime, financial delinquency, bloody murders... A history marked by power, ambition and brutality...


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