A Forest to Eat

Written and directed by Valérie Manns

Edible forests: a solution to climate change? Fabrice Desjours grows regenerative forests where everything that grows can be eaten.


What if a forest held the key to fighting climate change? Fifteen years ago, in Burgundy, Fabrice Desjours launched a silent revolution: planting forests that feed people.

Over the years, he transforms an infertile pasture into a greedy forest of prodigious density. This forest can store more carbon, feed people and animals, decontaminate the soil, generate rainfall, encourage the return of biodiversity - in short, solve many of the problems caused by climate change.

With the help of scientists and chefs, Fabrice is convincing farmers, citizens, businesses and public authorities that a new art of living and producing is possible. We follow Fabrice Desjours and his team as they carry out their transformation projects: in the heart of the prestigious vineyards of Château de Meursault, in a goat farm in Saône-et-Loire, in a public garden in the Paris suburbs and in Uckange in Moselle, a country ravaged by steel pollution.

Directed by :
Valérie Manns
Written by :
Valérie Manns
Produced by :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France Télévisions
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
52 min

In Burgundy, a nurse turned gardener has been pampering a majestic forest for fifteen years. Its fruit (including apples with an astonishing red char), its leaves, its flowers and even its roots: everything here is delicious. An agricultural model wiped out by the industrial revolution and the triumph of monocultures that Fabrice Desjours, a pioneer of the gourmet forestThe fight is on to bring it up to date. - Télérama.fr

Through the portrait of this utopian who works with his hands in the earth, the documentary sheds light on his commitment. We follow him and his group to Uckange, in Moselle, where the soil is contaminated by steel pollution; to the prestigious vineyards of Château de Meursault in Burgundy, where they are trying to adapt to global warming; and to the farmers in Saône-et-Loire who would like to develop his model. - L'Obs

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