After Tomorrow

Written and directed by Cyril Dion and Laure Noualhat

Three years after the documentary "Demain", what has happened since?


Following the phenomenal success of the film Demain (Tomorrow), Cyril Dion looks back at the initiatives inspired by the documentary. He takes on board his friend Laure Noualhat, a renowned journalist on the ecological front who is highly sceptical about the ability of micro-initiatives to have a real impact on climate change. Their humorous confrontation pushes them to the limit: what works, what fails? And what if, in the end, all this forced us to invent a new narrative for humanity?

Direction :
Cyril Dion and Laure Noualhat
Writing :
Cyril Dion and Laure Noualhat
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick and MOVE MOVIE - Bruno Levy, Sylvie Peyre and Julie Lescat
Broadcast :
France 2, RTS and RTBF
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
72 min

ADEME "Coup de Coeur" award
Awarded at the Deauville Green Awards in the "Organisations and Social Responsibility" category

The good idea is to have paired the director, writer and co-founder of the Colibris movement, with the precise and mischievous journalist Laure Noualhat. Following in their footsteps, we embark on a little tour of post-Demain initiatives, to see if the world has 'really' changed, and if the solutions are 'up to scratch' - Télérama

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