François Mitterrand & Anne Pingeot

Pieces of a love story

Directed by Hugues Nancy and Yvan Gaillard

Mazarine Pingeot's mother opens her diary, dozens of annotated albums and hundreds of letters to recount the meeting of a lifetime in 1962 with the future president.


In the summer of 1963, François Mitterrand was going through a deep existential crisis. His political career was at a standstill and, after 19 years of marriage, the couple had grown apart. It was at this point that François Mitterrand met the woman who was to give new meaning to his life. Anne Pingeot, aged 19, was to become the companion of a lifetime, a woman who would be with him throughout his rise to power and who would remain by his side until his last breath. For the first time, Anne Pingeot has agreed to allow the fragments of this passionate love story - hundreds of letters and a diary - to be shown on television, before being donated to the National Library.

The production of this film was greatly facilitated by the invaluable support and friendly participation of Gallimard and France Culture.

Directed by :
Hugues Nancy and Yvan Gaillard
Written by :
Hugues Nancy and Pierre Favier
Produced by :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick and Antoine Boukobza
Broadcast :
France 5
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
87 min

France Culture is pleased to present this original collaboration with France 5, which combines the words of Anne Pingeot and François Mitterrand, in a common aesthetic approach, the emotions of sound and image - France Culture

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