The Game of Death

Directed by Thomas Bornot, Gilles Amado and Alain-Michel Blanc

What if live death became an entertainment? The gloomy drifting of reality TV, violence, torture and humiliations...


What if death broadcasted live became an entertainment? The excesses of reality TV, violence, torture and humiliations dominate television programs worldwide. Does television hold a special power? In the 1960s, a social psychology experiment showed that 62 % individuals administered extreme electric shocks when obeying the orders of a scientist. Our team transposed this experience to the world of TV games. 80 participants faced with a game with abject rules. Will they obey Tania Young's orders to inflict electric shocks on a stranger? Who will submit? How many will dare to disobey? An extreme experiment and a deep reflection on the role of television today.

Direction :
Thomas Bornot, Gilles Amado and Alain-Michel Blanc
Writing :
Christophe Nick
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France 2
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
90 min

How many of us, placed in identical conditions, are capable of inflicting up to 460 volts? That's what France 2 wanted to find out, with the help of the team led by social psychology researcher Professor Jean-Léon Beauvois, in a fascinating documentary - Le Point

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