Good copper, bad copper?

Written and directed by Audrey Gallet and Alice Odiot

Zambia, a landlocked country in the heart of Africa, has one of the world's largest copper reserves. This investigation brings to light the fraudulent activities of the multinational Glencore and the plundering of a country on an international scale.


Glencore operates a mine in Zambia with very dangerous and highly polluting extraction methods. It has been financed with European funds dedicated to development. After a two-year investigation in Africa and Europe, this film exposes the looting of raw material and the impact of mass privatization in a Southern country.

Direction :
Audrey Gallet and Alice Odiot
Writing :
Audrey Gallet and Alice Odiot
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France 5
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
52 min

Albert Londres Prize 2012

For their first documentary, directors Alice Odiot and Audrey Gallet have pulled off a masterstroke. (...) Thanks to an acute sense of narrative and didactic explanation, they effectively dismantle the all-too-familiar adage in Africa: one rich country, one poor people - Le Monde

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