Time to Question Series

Directed by Arthur Rifflet and Thomas Deyriès

This 5-part series "Time to question" is the result of the online survey on societal and environmental issues conducted by ARTE in 2020. With almost 400,000 participants and over 42 million responses, it is the largest sociological survey ever carried out on our relationship with ecology.


Combining infographics, archive footage and interviews with respondents, this 5-part series presents the results of the online survey. The animated series describes the changes underway, revealing new lifestyle choices and putting an end to many preconceived ideas.

Five themes emerge from this mass of data: the emergence of a popular ecology, the predominant role of women, the relationship with meat and consumption, solutions and visions for the future. The episodes highlight profound changes: ecology is no longer "a rich man's thing", anxiety is almost unanimous and there is no longer a generational barrier, non-violence and civil disobedience are popular, collective fears and the desire to revolt are growing.

Episode 1 - Is Being Green a Rich Person's Thing?

This episode asks: is being eco-friendly just for the wealthy? Across all backgrounds and generations, the majority of people questioned believe that the ecological emergency is at its worst.

Episode 2 - Should We Stop Eating Meat?

Should we stop eating animals for environmental reasons? On this issue, there is a real divide between the French and the Germans. And even more so between men and women...

Episode 3 - Will Women Save the Planet?

Are women more interested in ecological issues than men? 70 % of women and 59 % of men who responded believe that ecology is a matter of the utmost urgency.

Episode 4 - Do We Need a Green Revolution?

People of all ages agree: we need drastic action to combat climate change and many people do not have faith political institutions.

Episode 5 - Will Tomorrow Be Better?

60 % of respondents think that the world will be a worse place in 2040. Many respondents are pessimistic about the world of tomorrow with some anxious about the collapse of civilisation.

Direction :
Arthur Rifflet and Thomas Deyriès
Writing :
Arthur Rifflet and Christophe Nick
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick and Antoine Boukobza and UPIAN - Margaux Missika and Alexandre Brachet
Broadcast :
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
5 x 8 min

Gold Trophy at the Deauville Green Awards

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