Saudi Arabia

Dangerous Liaisons

Directed by Claude Trinquesse

World diplomacy is dominated by the powder keg of the Middle East: the Islamic State, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Syrian impasse and the Iranian nuclear crisis, and Saudi Arabia is at the centre of it all. Yet we still know little about this monarchy. This documentary lifts the veil on its history, its special place in Islam, its relations with the United States, France and its Shiite neighbours.


In Saudi Arabia, political and religious powers are closely linked. How and why has this absolute monarchy spread Wahhabism around the world in recent history? This religious doctrine, regarded by other currents of Islam as sectarian and dangerous, sometimes flirts with radical jihadist movements. But the presence of Islamic fundamentalism within the regime has never prevented the West from placing Saudi Arabia at the centre of all its alliance strategies in the Middle East. Singled out for having created the conditions for the jihad, it remains a key ally of the Western powers.

Direction :
Claude Trinquesse
Writing :
Julie Lerat
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France 5
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
52 min and 74 min

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