The Real Face of France

Directed by Jean-Robert Viallet

What if economic and social change had created a deep fracture between the increasingly wealthy cities and the more and more fragile rest of the country? What if France had changed, profoundly?


France has changed so much in the last thirty years that nobody knows where we're heading to. For a year, we went out to meet individuals at the four corners of France. Thanks to researchers in social geography, economics and contemporary history, we realized that France has been radically split in two. A gulf separates the 25 cities where 40% of the French population lives and the rest of the "socially fragile" territories. France's real challenge is not to succeed in globalisation, but to fill this gap.

Direction :
Jean-Robert Viallet
Writing :
Christophe Nick, Hugues Nancy and Jean-Robert Viallet
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France 3
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
90 min

Auscultating the broken faces of the working classes, "The Real Face of France" is a warning shot that hits you in the face, disarmed - Les Inrockuptibles

From this journey to the heart of the territories, Jean-Robert Viallet and Hugues Nancy have brought back a documentary that is as moving as it is edifying on those forgotten by globalisation, to whom here, with force, they give a face and a voice - Le Monde

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