As They Lived

Interview with Jean Grégor and Pierre Péan

Interview by Christophe Nick

We often read powerful books. Important books too. But strong and important books are very rare. Pierre Péan and Jean Grégor's investigation into the Holocaust by bullets in Lithuania moved us. We wanted to talk about it directly with the authors. An exclusive interview, fascinating and full of surprises...


Episode 1 - The origin of the project

Episode 2 - Confronting the Shoah

Episode 3 - How to describe their lives?

Episode 4 - Lithuania and its history

Episode 5 - Lithuanian crimes 

Episode 6 - Meeting with Lithuanian Jews

Episode 7 - The weight of Yiddish culture

Episode 8 - Waldkirch, the documentary screening

Episode 9 - Who is Jäger? 

Episode 10 - The interrogation of Jäger in 1959

Episode 11 - The specific nature of the Shoah

Episode 12 - What the report reveals Jäger

Episode 13 - The origins of the Final Solution

Episode 14 - Working together on this project 

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Interview by Christophe Nick
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YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
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