Generation Quoi? Doc

Directed by Laetitia Moreau

The integration of young people aged 20-30 has become the greatest challenge facing European societies. Downgrading, exclusion, extension of the length of studies, precarious contracts, lack of perspectives. Behind the concept of "Generation Y" lies a profound rupture. A year-long investigation in France, 20 characters, 18 months of shooting, 8 months of editing: an eventful documentary collection along with an exceptional web platform.


Episode 1 - Graduate or bust

30% of this generation leave the school system without graduating from high school. How do they cope? Vincent finds an internship in the construction industry in Spain, thanks to a local mission; Marie-Laure breaks down and hits the road; Max and Élodie are taken in charge by a local association that helps young people to enter their professional life; Jean-Pierre gets lost in all his short-term contracts... Between unemployment and downgrading, only their energy keeps them afloat.

Episode 2 - Masters degree in unemployment and master class

45% of 18-25 year olds are pursuing higher education, in the race for the right degree. Sabrina is off to Denmark to complete her master's degree in history; Massira and Clément run the student office at law school; Aurélie and Romain are shining at a renowned business school. They all know that a masters degree is the minimal requirement they need to succeed in life. But what does success mean?

Episode 3 - When does life start?

Nowadays, youth lasts until the age of 30-35. Once you've finished school, the integration process takes several more years. Paul lives in a flat-share. After eight years of study, he earns the minimum wage. He's turning 30. It's time to make a choice; Julie, despite a Master's degree, works at a series of odd jobs and still lives with her parents; Aurélie, a cashier in a retail chain, decides to leave the city to bring up her child in the countryside; Moussa sets up a citizens' association... and ends up in Washington, supported by a foundation close to Obama.

Direction :
Laetitia Moreau
Writing :
Laetitia Moreau
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick
Broadcast :
France 2
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
3×70 min

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