Boy Saloum

The "Y'en a marre" revolt

Written and directed by Audrey Gallet

They are 30 years old, with a fiery energy and an extraordinary charisma. In 2011, a group of young Senegalese created the "Y'en a marre" movement.


Thiat and Kilifeu are two of Senegal's most popular rappers. Denise is a computer scientist with a penchant for social networking. Fadel is an investigative journalist. In 2011, they founded the "Y'en a marre" movement, unaware that they would soon be making history by taking the lead in social protest against the regime. In the space of just a few months, they became the spokespersons for an African youth suffocated by unemployment and job insecurity, subjected to the diktat of a globalised economy and deprived of an education and health system, but also anchored in its time, open to the world and eager for culture and democracy. They are the symbol of an African youth rooted in its time, open to the world, eager for culture and committed to democracy, a far cry from the Western clichés about Africa.

Direction :
Audrey Gallet
Writing :
Audrey Gallet
Production :
YAMI 2 - Christophe Nick and CINÉPHAGE - Victor Ede
Broadcast :
France Ô
Year of broadcast :
Duration :
74 min

This beautiful film takes us far away from the French rap squabbles between post-adolescents Booba and La Fouine. (...) The sequences are hard-hitting and pulsating, reflecting the political awakening of a generation - Télérama

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