Let’s talk about work

The major survey about work


Published online on 20 september 2016

Produced by CFDT, Yami2, Upian

In partnership with Libération, Viadéo

Let’s Talk about Work is a huge national survey about work, which aims to reach several tens of thousands of employees, civil servants, self-employed workers, job seekers… The ambition is to make it the largest national labour survey ever conducted.

In recent months, “the Labour Law” has generated much debate and controversy, but without any real questioning of the work. Today, the CFDT invites employees to take the floor to put work back at the heart of the public debate, with a view to the presidential election.

It is therefore a question of taking a photograph of the relationship people have at work, and imagining the world of work of tomorrow. The survey is open to anyone who has an opinion on the work. Whether or not she has already had professional experience, whether or not she is still working.

172 questions, 25 themes

The questionnaire allows participants to express themselves on their relationship to work through 172 questions. They will have the opportunity to directly compare their answers: videos show other people answering and statistics are available in real time for each question. This will allow the respondent to immediately see where he or she stands in relation to the average of the responses already given. The questionnaire was developed with the assistance of a team of sociologists specializing in labour issues.

The questions asked cover all aspects of work: relationships between colleagues or with the hierarchy (trust, support, pressure, etc.), strenuousness (physical commitment, fitness, injuries, etc.), working conditions and remuneration, responsibilities, time (schedules, night work, etc.) and intensity (stress, boredom, etc.), career path (studies, etc.) and aspirations (dreams, ambitions, etc.).

Self-employed workers and job seekers benefit from two sets of seven questions related to their particular situation.

The questionnaire has been designed to allow you to answer it as quickly as possible: short questions, MCQ, yes/no… The user can answer all or part of these questions: he or she can save his or her progress and come back later.

A dedicated site: questions, answers, actions

The site combines questions, videos, analyses and computer graphics in real time to allow respondents to situate themselves in relation to each other.

A series of thematic pages is also available. They provide an overview of the 25 main aspects of our relationship to employment.

For each theme, a video shows workers answering the same questionnaire as the respondents, revealing their reactions, questions and certainties expressed to each question. Some forty employees, representing French workers, contract types and CSPs, were filmed for several hours, each answering the entire questionnaire. Grouped into thematic video modules of 5 to 9 minutes each, these people bring the survey to life. The videos, raw, sincere, touching and exciting testimonies, are enriched by the figures collected, in real time, by the questionnaire.

On the site, a last tab proposes a solution to influence one’s life at work: collective action within a union. Each participant can thus request to be contacted by the CFDT to continue his or her discovery of trade unionism. This section also includes a “CFDT toolbox” with guides, legal articles…