Let’s talk about pensions

A survey to found out about the French people’s relationship to pensions


Published online on 12 june 2018

Produced by CFDT, Yami2, Upian

In partnership with AG2R la mondiale, Groupe VYV, Humanis, MACIF, Malakoff Médéric, Groupe AESIO, OCIRP 

Ans with : Cadremploi, L’OBS, Loopsider, Viadeo

A survey to find out about the French people’s relationship to pensions

Retirement is a subject that concerns everyone but that we only think about late.

To find out about the French people’s aspirations regarding pensions, their hopes and fears, their ideas and desires, the CFDT wanted to give them a direct say.

2 years after the “Let’s Talk about Work” survey, which brought together 205,000 participants, we are launching “Let’s Talk about pensions”!

Let’s Talk about pensions is a large, interactive survey that is aimed at everyone, working and retired, whether they have not yet thought about retirement or are actively preparing for it. The ambition is to make it the largest national survey ever conducted on pensions.

At the heart of the system: a 150-question questionnaire, drawn up with the help of a team of sociologists and pension specialists.
Each respondent receives a personalized questionnaire based on his or her profile (young employee, working near retirement, retired…). This makes it possible to explore both the aspirations of the younger generations and the experiences of current retirees.

The questions asked cover all aspects of retirement: from preparation for the transition period, to the issue of dependency, but also the relationship between work and retirement, purchasing power, etc. The very conception of the system is treated: reversion, solidarity, the place of savings…

As the respondent progresses through the questionnaire, the system allows him/her to situate him/herself in relation to all the answers collected, by proposing points of comparison. the questionnaire was designed to allow the respondent to answer questions very quickly: short questions and simple click answer (yes/no, MCQ, cursor). Participants can record their progress and pick up the questionnaire later.

The site: real-time results, videos and news

Real-time results

All the results, question by question, are available in real time. Participants can explore them in detail through the use of filters, based on gender, age or profile (employee, agent, job seeker, self-employed or retired).

19 themes, 40 people interviewed

A series of thematic pages is also available. It provides an overview of the 19 main aspects of our retirement relationship.
For each theme, a video shows people answering the same questionnaire as the respondents, revealing their reactions, questions and certainties expressed to each question. In all, there are about forty people, with different profiles, who answer in front of the camera. These videos will be enriched with some quantified data extracted, in real time, from the answers to the questionnaire. At once sincere, funny and touching, these testimonies illustrate the diversity of the relationship that the French have in retirement.

Some information

On the site, a final tab offers visitors the opportunity to find answers to their questions about pensions: answers to the most frequently asked questions and links to CFDT or institutional resource sites. Participants can also contact the CFDT directly for a personalized response.