The game of death

What if death became an entertainment? The gloomy drifting of reality television, violence, tortures and humiliations…


What if death broadcasted live became an entertainment? The excesses of reality television, violence, torture and humiliations dominate television programs worldwide. In the 1960s, the Milgram experiment showed that when told by a scientist to administer extreme electrical shocks to another person, 62% of individuals obeyed. Our team transposed this experience to the world of TV games. 80 participants to a game with abject rules. Who will follow Tania Young’s orders and inflict electrical shocks to a stranger? How many will dare to disobey? An extreme experience and deep reflection on the role of television today.

Written by / Directed by
Written by Christophe Nick
Directed by Thomas Bornot, Gilles Amado and Alain-Michel Blanc
Broadcasted on
France 2
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