Generation what?

The big survey on the 18-34-years-old in France today.


The integration of the 20-30 year-olds has become European cities’ greatest challenge. Demeaning, exclusion, extension of the length of studies, precarious contracts, lack of perspectives. Behind the concept of the “Generation Y” lies a deep rupture. A year-long investigation in France, 20 characters, 18 months of shooting, 8 months of editing: an entertainment-like documentary collection, along with an exceptional web platform. Through a questionnaire developed by two sociologists, blogs and videos, the French youth is finally on the floor.


Episode 1

30% of this generation leave the school system without graduating from high school. How do they cope ? Vincent finds an internship in the construction industry in Spain, thanks to a local mission; Marie-Laure breaks down and goes on the road ; Max and Élodie are taken in charge by a local association that helps yound people to enter their professional life ; Jean-Pierre gets lost in all his short-term contracts… Between unemployment and downgrading, they owe their salvation to their own energy.


Episode 2

45% of 18-25-year-olds do higher studies, chasing the best diplomas. Sabrina leaves for Danemark to pass her masters degree in history ; Massira and Clément are in charge of the Student Union’s office in their law school ; Aurélie and Romain shine in a renowned business school. They all know that a masters degree is the minimal requirement they need to succeed in life. But what does succeeding in life mean?


Episode 3

Nowadays, the “youth” age extends to the 30-35-year-olds. Once they have finished their studies, they still need a few years to get a job linked to their studies. Paul lives in a shared flat. After having completed eight years of studies, he earns the minimum wage. He’s celebrating his 30th birthday. It’s time for him to make decisions; Julie, in spite of having a masters degree, goes from side job to side job, and still lives at her parents’ house ; Aurélie, cashier in a supermarket, decides to leave the city and to go green to raise her child; Moussa founds a civic association…  and lands in Washington, taken in charge by a foundation closely linked to Obama.

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Written and directed by Laetitia Moreau
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Yami 2 et Upian
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France 2
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