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  • A 3 x 60 min documentary series.

    Mafias & banks

    How, from the 1920s to the present day, financial capitalism has gradually strengthened its secret alliance with mafia organisations. A relentless investigation on three continents, part economic thriller, part historical saga.

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Coming soon

  • A forest to eat

    Have you ever heard of edible forests? A man, Fabrice Desjours, is growing a forest in Burgundy where everything that grows can be eaten... Scheduled for release in 2024 - A film directed by Valérie Manns

  • Free to surf, a Polynesian revolution

    How surfing, an ancestral Polynesian tradition that was opposed by Westerners, has survived the centuries to become an internationally practised activity. Scheduled for release in 2024 - Directed by Benjamin Morel

Not to be missed

  • It's just a matter of time

    Time is an obsession in our modern lives. Nora Hamadi confronts our idea of time with our experience of it.


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