Will happiness find us?


How to be happy in a world that is judged to be in ruins? To answer this question, a young director sets out to meet her generation on the roads of France and Belgium. Between joys and anxieties, convictions and doubts, the film takes an intimate look at a generation at odds with its life choices. Marine Guizy starts from a personal reflection in order to sound out her peers’ aptitude for happiness and draw the exhilarating portrait of a generation determined to invent rather than reproduce.

Written and directed by
Marine Guizy
Produced by
YAMI 2 – Christophe Nick
Broadcasted on
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Through encounters, between anguish and hope, in the intimacy of a studious room or on the zinc floor of a lively bar, the 28-year-old filmmaker gathers the confidences of these young people (between 20 and 35 years old) who are confronted with the same questions as her. There’s the one who has already divorced at 23 and is going back to school; the one who finds a reason to exist by running her neighborhood bistro; those seasonal grape-pickers who break the routine by clearing their heads; the one who gave up her “dream job” in a prestigious company to become a cabinetmaker and a young mother; the one who is intoxicated by the illusion of love; the one who measures up to the “Bingo of Privileges”; the one who takes the measure of his own privileges; the one who is fed up with yoga and meditation; the one who rebuilds a world for polymorphs. And all those who put their bodies in trance and live the ecstasy of the present moment.