The Battle of the Century


In the face of the climate emergency, a significant fringe of youth has chosen civil disobedience and action. The immersed story of an unprecedented mobilization, narrated by the committed singer Camélia Jordana.
Written by
Adèle Flaux
Directed by
Alizée Chiappini and Adèle Flaux
Narrated by
Camélia Jordana
Produced by
YAMI 2 – Christophe Nick
Broadcasted on
Broadcasted in

After a summer 2018 marked by the heat wave, the wildfires and the resignation of Nicolas Hulot, part of the youth, panic-stricken by the inaction of governments in the face of the climate crisis, decided to join forces to awaken consciences. A HQ, La Base, is rented in the heart of Paris. In the making since COP21, an informal climate international links different European protest movements: Extinction Rebellion, Ende Gelände, Alternatiba, ANV-COP21… Among the French leaders are young people under the age of 30. Some, like Élodie and Pauline, have resigned from a prestigious position to devote themselves to a fight they consider crucial. After a first victory – the petition called “The Affair of the Century” and its 2 million signatures in two weeks – the activists of La Base organized 134 portrait stalls of Emmanuel Macron in town halls, retransmitted on social networks, in order to denounce “the emptiness of his ecological policy”. A triumphant march in Place de la République closes with the announcement of a mass action of civil disobedience. But at the time of the TV news, there is disappointment: the media do not mention the demonstration at all, focusing instead on the excesses following a demonstration of the “yellow jackets”.