Our Loves


Between France and Germany, crossed glances on the plural faces of love relationships.

In 2020, while virtual encounters seem to be more and more decomplexed, taboos are slipping away and discussions are animated around polyamory, non-exclusivity in the couple or the fluidity of genres and relationships. How do 18-30 year olds, actors of an affective revolution, live their relationships?

On both sides of the Rhine, there is no shortage of examples to illustrate the diversity of love configurations. Valentin and Zelda met on Tinder and after having experienced polyamory together, they now question the complexity of the monogamous model. Despite their young age, Adrien and Mélodie have been in love for many years, but it sometimes seems difficult to project themselves together towards the same future. For their part, Leo and Valeria, two transgender people, live an ordinary, almost heterosexual love.

The French director Chloé Bruhat and her German colleague Sascha Quade tenderly give voice to the experiments, discoveries, joys and disappointments of a young generation that questions the codes of love.

Directed by
Chloé Bruhat and Sascha Quade
Co-produced by
SWR, ARTE France, ARTE G.E.I.E, Basis Berlin and Yami 2
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