This documentary series explore the rogue bonds that linked for three generations the Corsican mafia with politicians from all sides.


This documentary series explore the rogue bonds that linked the Corsican mafia and politicians from all sides for three generations. Based on archive footage and explanations by historians, journalists, judges, and witnesses, this series analyzes the obscure mechanisms – favors made in exchange of impunity – that enabled an unknown but all-powerful criminal organization to spread to all continents and to access the wheels of power.

EPISODE 1 – The birth of an invisible power 1929-1945

It all starts in Marseille, in 1929. Sabiani, an ambitious politician, wants to be elected mayor ; Carbone and Spirito, two gangsters, make sure he wins. In exchange, they want to access power. This is how the first seal between French politicians and the mafia was set. It lasted through the Second World War. Carbone and Spirito collaborated with the nazi regime. TheFrench mafia’s future leaders join the resistance. When the war ends, Étienne Léandri, gigolo and supporter of the Guestapo, flees to Italy to prepare what’s about to come…

EPISODE 2 – At France’s service 1945-1975

In 1945, France has to reestablish public order, fight the communists and defend its colonies. The rulers keep up the rogue bonds they tied with the Corsican mafia. In exchange for their services in Marseille, Tanger or Hanoï, the French Republic and the American CIA give all power to the second generation of Corsican godfathers. They become big in heroine trafficking, work with the Cosa Nostra, hold gambling circles and negociate with the special services through intimidation. Until the United States declare the war on the French Connection. A man pulls himself through it : Étienne Léandri, who stands at the border between the two worlds, and ties close links with the French politician Charles Pasqua…

EPISODE 3 – The gangrenous Republic 1975-2015

During the decolonization, the Corsican mafia is down on its knees. The French Republic enables it to stand back up, by integrating it to Elf, a corrupted oil exploitation. At the heart of this network is Étienne Leandri. Elf, used as a means of postcolonial domination, bets on African rulers’ submissiveness and on the support of the Corsican diaspora in Africa. After having made their fortune in Africa, the Corso-Africans settle in France. They are protected by the highest-ranked government officials, and make bonds with the South-Corsica godfather and the Brise de mer gang. They take advantage from a few nationalists’ compromission to make their dream come true: transform Corsica into mafia’s paradise on earth. But treason, greed and the game of political cycles make their dream falter.

Written by / Directed by
Written by Christophe Nick, Pierre Péan and  Vanessa Ratignier
Directed by Christophe Bouquet
3 x 60′
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