How can we communicate without being able to speak?


Issa and Hedi are two autistic twins who can only communicate through onomatopoeias, screams and tears. The incapacity to communicate, Morgane Doche knows that feeling well. At the age of 3, the film director lost her ability to speak and to move part of her body. She then had to learn how to stand up, to walk, to communicate all over again, and find her place in a society based on communication. Without being able to speak.

Morgane moved in Issa and Hedi’s family. Elodie and Oijdi, their parents, were convinced that their sons would be able to go to school. Thus, they gather all they could to teach them how to speak. Through speech therapies, short stays in specialized centers, contacts with other handicapped children in an open nursery, and sensorial experiences at the sea side or with ponies, Elodie and Oijdi see their children going from screams to noises, from syllables to words, and from words to sentences.

In September 2016, Issa and Hedi will eventually be accepted in kindergarten.

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Written and directed by Morgane Doche
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France 2
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