Belfort, The Lion’s Children


In Belfort, a tragedy is looming: the disappearance of a tradition of high

This 140-year-old tradition has been passed down from generation to generation of workers
generation of workers, technicians and engineers.
It is perfected in the design offices and factories, and is passed on in the
schools, universities and advanced laboratories where those who will be
laboratories where those who will take up the torch tomorrow are trained.
This ecosystem has everything it takes to become one of the leaders in the
energy transition.
But in the wake of the sale of Alstom’s energy division to General
Electric, it is in danger of dying. To avoid this and to save their territory, some
decided to fight.

A film by
Vanessa Ratignier and
Christophe Bouquet
Produced by
Yami 2
Duration time
60 min
Broadcast on
France 3
Year of broadcast